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I'm a wedding and portrait photographer that serves couples, families, and seniors in Atlanta, North Georgia, and beyond. Real emotion is what I look for in my frame. Moments of light and love, woven with care, can make your memories become your story.   

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Choosing Outfits for Holiday Pictures – Do’s and Don’ts!

Choosing Outfits for Holiday Pictures – Naughty List or Nice List?

Are you getting holiday photos done professionally this year? If you want to create frame-worthy holiday pictures, it helps to put some time and effort into deciding what to wear. Your outfits will help set the tone for your portraits, so choose wisely and get on the Nice List!!

Holiday Photo Tips for the Nice List:

  • Consider the backdrop. Whether your shoot is in a studio or in a specific location that you love, think about the backgrounds you’ll be posing in front of before you settle on outfits for your session. Busier backgrounds require simpler outfits.
  • Coordinate colors. But don’t make your outfits match 100%. Coordination doesn’t mean that everyone in the shot should look the same, it simply means that the colors, patterns, outfit style matches. Pick one main pattern, and choose colors from it for the other people in the photo.
  • Incorporate something cozy. Winter is about cozying up to the people you love, so try and add a cozy item of clothing to your outfit. Think textured sweaters or a scarf with an interesting knit. Texture always gets you on the Nice List!


Holiday Photo Tips to stay off the Naughty List:

  • Don’t overthink it. Wintertime is the one time you don’t need to be overly realistic. Yes, you wouldn’t normally wear a jacket and snow boots with no snow (hello, Georgia!) but this is definitely the one time you can, particularly if you’re posing in front of a fun background.
  • Don’t over-accessorize. There are a lot of fun accessories and props that you can add to a Christmas, Hannukkah or other holiday themed shoot, but it’s also easy to overdo it. If you are going to wear gloves, hats, and your favorite coat, make sure the patterns don’t take away from the people in the photo and that the coats are not too padded.
  • Don’t make them feel uncomfortable. If your family in the photo feel uncomfortable in their clothing, it’s going to show in your photos. Pick outfits that everyone feels comfortable in – it will get you the most natural smiles and a variety of fun shots!


I want to stay on the Nice List, too, so I’ll give you a bonus tip – these ideas are great for family photos during your extended family or friends celebration, too! If you know you’re taking candids at your gathering while the kids are opening presents, think about putting them in solid colors and fewer patterns so they stand out in your phone photos, too! If you have a second to get everyone outside by the evergreen, those solid colors will be a welcome rest for the eyes in the middle of snowflake patterns and multiple plaids, and you’ll get a better overall photo to post as your cover photo on social media!
Happy Holidays to everyone, no matter what holidays you’re celebrating this year!

Looking for the Light,


December 4, 2019


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Jennifer Scott is a wedding and portrait photographer serving couples, families, and seniors in North Georgia, Atlanta, and beyond.

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