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I'm a wedding and portrait photographer that serves couples, families, and seniors in Atlanta, North Georgia, and beyond. Real emotion is what I look for in my frame. Moments of light and love, woven with care, can make your memories become your story.   

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03. Why You Should Print Your Photographs ⟶

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Why print my photographs?

Hang with me here and consider these terms –   8 track tape, 33 1/3 rpm vinyl, cassette tape, floppy disk, CD, Walkman, Zune, iPod.

Did you make it through the list?  What terms meant the most to you?  

Do you use any of these types of media now?

The truth is, most of us use social media and our phones for our video, photo and music storage (if we have any), and our music is often streamed through Pandora or Spotify these days.  We’ve been through a lot of changes in technology and how we get and keep our entertainment.  When we used to buy more DVD’s for movies, we’ve gone to Hulu or Netflix, and even with photos, we keep them on social media like Facebook or Instagram, and if we have photos on our phones, we don’t back them up to a hard drive – we keep them in the “cloud” on a server far, far away.

When your families or children or friends go to search for photos of you that are 5 or 10 years old, will they be able to find them?  Where will they be accessed?

First Birthday Cake Smash
Amelia enjoys her mom’s yummy frosting!

Will they be forgotten or lost?

The answer to this is to take us all the way out of the digital world and come full circle to analog, print albums.  Albums take the digital photos you’ve created with your own phone or camera, or the professional photography you’ve paid to create from special events and convert them into tangible books full of those beautiful images and have them available without a password, without a username, without the hassle of an internet connection that drops.  Albums can be printed on archival quality paper with quality inks that are true to color and that will stay true for many, many years.

If you value the photography that was done on your wedding day, at the birth of your child, for your senior’s graduation or for their portraits, or just your family photos you take every 2-3 years:  Please print them.  Don’t wait.   

Let your family, children and grandchildren see you at those moments, flaws and all, and treasure them.  They see you as you are and love you as you are.  Print the memories you have and turn them into books to treasure.

We can create memories for you, together, and I will help you print them, so no technology change will ever be responsible for stealing your memories.

Looking for the light,


April 6, 2019

Couples, Families, General, Personal, Senior and HS Portraits, Wedding

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Jennifer Scott is a wedding and portrait photographer serving couples, families, and seniors in North Georgia, Atlanta, and beyond.

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