First Looks – Not Only for the Groom!!

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So, you’re planning your wedding, and a first look has been suggested – but you’re wanting to stay traditional and save that first view of each other for the walk down the aisle.  Just because the groom isn’t going to see you until the wedding ceremony doesn’t mean you can’t get that same element of surprise and share the moment with others close to you!

Bridesmaids are fast becoming the group who sees a “first look” at the bride in all her beauty, having never seen what dress she has picked!  Maybe your Maid or Matron of Honor has helped you find this one of a kind dress for the most important day of your life, but if you’ve kept it under wraps from the rest of your besties, they can be in on the big reveal!  In fact, letters from her bridesmaids and a first look for them is so important for some brides that they have to keep the makeup artist on standby to retouch after tears before the ceremony even starts!  That is some serious friendship and love between a group of ladies who have been through it.  Keeping it in the sisterhood really says to your girls that you value them and they are not just there to throw you a bachelorette and bridal shower and stand up for some nice pictures.  Think about honoring your truest friends by revealing your dress to them first.

If your tribe is great, but you have a special relationship with your Dad, StepDad or other father figure in your life, you can opt to do a first look for him instead of your groom!  Let me tell you, he is already going to be having a very emotional time, but taking him aside before the groom sees you tells him that he has always been and will always be first in your heart.  He may be giving you away, but he will never lose you.  I guarantee he will be honored and so happy to get this distinction.  You’ll make him feel like a million bucks, and not just the moneybags who is springing for this elaborate ceremony to give you away to your groom.  Think about a first look with the first man in your life.  You’ll always be his little girl.

Let me know if you’d like to try these alternate first looks during your wedding day – we will adjust your timeline and work with the coordinator to make sure we find time to make these important emotional moments happen!

Until then, keep looking for the light!


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