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I'm a wedding and portrait photographer that serves couples, families, and seniors in Atlanta, North Georgia, and beyond. Real emotion is what I look for in my frame. Moments of light and love, woven with care, can make your memories become your story.   

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The JSP Blog is live!

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Welcome to the JSP Blog!!

First of all, thank you so much for taking time to come by and visit with me.

If you are new to JSP, let me take some time to introduce myself.  My name is Jennifer Scott, and most friends call me “Jen”.  I was born and raised in Illinois, in a farming community, in a family with farming roots.  My father is a retired electrician and my mother is a retired nurse, so my two brothers and I learned early on that hard work was necessary and expected.  I went to college without a clear vision of my future, and pursued a teaching degree, but even though I graduated, I did not teach for long.  My husband and I married shortly after graduation and started a family, so I found freelance, part time jobs from home to supplement income wherever I could.  I’ve taught piano lessons, have been a teacher’s aide in a preschool special education classroom, and eventually got a second degree as a nurse.  I have been a registered nurse for 7 years, and a labor and delivery nurse for most of that time!

We moved to Georgia for my husband’s work, and are so happy to have lived here since 2015.  Even though I found a position at a nearby hospital, I have still felt something missing from my creative life, and in 2016, purchased my first DSLR camera.  I have loved taking photos since 1990, when my parents bought me a Pentax film SLR camera before my first overseas trip (to Spain!), and have continued to try to take artistic and beautiful photos of nature, architecture and people, even as point and shoot cameras and smartphone cameras made images easier to shoot.  There was no real knowledge of settings needed, and for a while, that made sense.

When I picked up my first Nikon, I set myself a goal to be able to use all of the bells and whistles that it offered, and eventually upgraded to my current equipment.  I’ve continually looked to educate myself and share my knowledge with anyone who would like to learn (I still am a teacher at heart!) and to care for people by capturing their most beautiful, joyful and solemn moments for them, in the truest way that I can.  I am a nurse at heart, too.

Above all, I want to serve and uplift people.  I want to help you put your family’s most important moments in a time capsule, and keep the love alive through images that touch your heart.

Welcome to the JSP family.  I hope you feel treasured and valued for the amazing person you are.

Looking for the light,

March 8, 2019

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Jennifer Scott is a wedding and portrait photographer serving couples, families, and seniors in North Georgia, Atlanta, and beyond.

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